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Fund your projects and ideas and make them come to life with the City of Palo Alto's Think Fund! Get money for your idea, as well as mentorship and support in order to make your vision a reality. No idea is too big or too small. If you're in high school and have an idea for a short-term or long-term project, meet with the ThinkFund Supervisor to discuss how you can transform your blueprint into a footprint!

In 2001 the City Council voted to lease out property formerly known as the Bryant Street Teen Center with the stipulation that 75% of the net rental revenues fund youth and teen programs. That fund, known as the Bryant Street Garage Fund (now Think Fund), is now being invested back into the teen population by offering “mini grants” to teens interested in creating new programs, activities, and/or events in the community.

Think Fund is currently accepting applications.

Funding Process


    Download and fill out a Think Fund Application and email it to

    The ThinkFund Supervisor will contact you to meet and brainstorm ideas for your project and proposal.

    Submit a draft of your proposal to the ThinkFund Supervisor who will provide you with help and feedback.

    Once the ThinkFund Supervisor reviews your proposal with you and the draft is complete, they will submit your final proposal to the City Teen Services Committee for approval.

    Once your project is complete, you will need to fill out a Project Evaluation Survey.


  • Proposed projects must relate to the service of teens

  • Applicant must follow Think Fund's Funding Process

  • Primary applicant must live in the City of Palo Alto and/or attend a school in the City of Palo Alto

  • Funding is the only expenses directly related to the project identified in proposal

  • Proposals for grants that exceed $1,000 will be granted on extremely limited basis

  • Payments made prior to approval will not be reimbursed

  • Proposals will be reviewed by City of Palo Alto's Teen Services Committee

  • Additional requirements will be presented during first meeting with ThinkFund Supervisor

To see a more in depth guideline list, 

Get in Touch

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